Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4: More Features Coming To iPhone Users, Check Details!

Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4

Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4: The upcoming iOS 17.4 update is set to bring significant changes for iPhone users across various markets, along with the addition of new options. Let’s take a closer look at the details. Let’s delve into the details of the Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4.

The iOS 17.4 beta has been offering a sneak peek into what iPhone users can anticipate in the next Apple update. With each passing week, the list of features keeps growing. While we’ve discussed this before, we thought it’d be good to provide another preview of what’s in store for iPhone users next month, as more options are on the way with the upcoming update.

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Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4

Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4: In the iOS 17.4 update, Apple is making changes to gaming apps by allowing cloud gaming apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW. Additionally, mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins can now utilize the in-app purchase system.

Other updates in iOS 17.4 include the introduction of new emoji characters, transcripts for podcasts in the Podcasts app, support for using SharePlay with the HomePod, Stopwatch Live Activities, and more. For a comprehensive overview of all the new features in iOS 17.4, you can refer to our iOS 17.4 features guide.

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Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4
Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4

IOS 17.4 Beta Features

The iOS 17.4 beta has given a sneak peek into sideloading apps on iPhones and introduced the option to select a default browser, a feature not previously available for iPhone users. However, there’s more coming down the pipeline, including new features that will be beneficial for older iPhones. Let’s explore the upcoming additions.

Feature/Update Description
iOS 17.4 General Changes Significant global changes for iPhone users, bringing new options and features.
iOS 17.4 Beta Features Beta version offers a preview, including sideloading, default browser choice, and benefits for older iPhones.
Gaming App Changes Allows cloud gaming apps, in-app purchases for mini-games, chatbots, and plug-ins.
Additional Updates New emoji, podcast transcripts, SharePlay with HomePod, Stopwatch Live Activities, and more.
Device Protection Introduces multi-layer biometric security (Device Protection) using Face ID and personal details for loss/theft security.
Vision Pro Headset Release of Vision Pro headset with “ignore double tap” feature for the latest iPhones.
Battery Health Options Detailed battery health info, new Battery menu for checking condition and lifespan.
Dual-Screen Integration Simplifies driving-friendly features for dual-screen cars.
Web App Limitation in Europe Due to regulations, users lose access to home screen web apps, enabling third-party browser engines in Europe.
Anticipated Release Date Expected release in March after polishing beta for stable performance.

Device Protection

As the name implies, iPhone users can enhance the security of their device in case it’s lost or stolen. Apple is introducing a multi-layer biometric security system, utilizing Face ID and other personal details to prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your data.

Vision Pro Headset Compatibility

Apple has released the Vision Pro headset, and users will find a new feature called “ignore double tap” for iPhone users with the latest version.

Battery Health Options

Apple is providing more information on Battery Health, offering iPhone users additional details about their battery’s condition and its expected lifespan before requiring replacement. A new Battery menu has been introduced in the settings, allowing users to easily check whether their battery health is normal or not.


The upcoming iOS 17.4 update will simplify the use of driving-friendly features for cars that have dual-screen integration.

Ensure Stable Performance

Apple iOS Update 17.4 and iPad 17.4: With the new regulations in Europe, iPhone users will gain some new features, but they will lose access to web apps on the home screen after the iOS 17.4 update. This limitation is necessary as Apple needs to enable third-party browser engines to function in the region. The anticipated release of the iOS 17.4 update is in March, just a few weeks away, once the beta version has been polished to ensure stable performance.

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