Garuda patrol surveillance drone

Garuda patrol surveillance drone: Garuda Aerospace unveiled its border patrol surveillance drone.

Garuda patrol surveillance drone: Drone manufacturer Garuda Aerospace, backed by Cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni, launched a border patrol surveillance drone, Trishul, on Friday. The surveillance drone can be used to monitor people’s movement and natural calamities and assess traffic, among other things. See Also | How Far Can Military Drones Fly? [Latest Guide – 2024]…

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Will solar eclipse be visible in india

Will solar eclipse be visible in india? How to stay safe in solar ecplise? April 2024 solar eclipse giude!

Will solar eclipse be visible in india: The eclipse will be visible at slightly different times at different locations within India. Some locations will see it as partial and only a few will see it as annular (near total solar eclipse but a ring will be visible at the best time.) The entire duration will be approximately between 8am and 11am….

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Samsung Galaxy Ring Price in India

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price in India: Samsung Introduced Amazing SmartRing in MWC, Check all the features here!

Samsung Galaxy Ring Price in India: Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has just introduced a fantastic new gadget – the smart ring. This nifty ring is designed to help you monitor and manage your health and fitness. It’s specifically crafted for Android users, bringing a bunch of impressive features. Simply slip it onto your finger,…

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Gaganyaan Mission Astronauts

Gaganyaan Mission Astronauts: PM Modi announces 4 astronauts for Gaganyaan

Gaganyaan Mission Astronauts: On Tuesday, February 27, Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the names of the four astronauts selected for India’s first manned space mission, Gaganyaan. They will journey to the low-Earth orbit as part of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) significant space exploration effort. Related Post: Inshorts Full Success Story: What do Inshorts Company…

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