How To Make A Drone Jammer? – What Is DIY Drone Jammer in 2024?


Disclaimer: Hello, I am Ammar, and I am writing this guide for educational purposes to help people learn and be inspired. I am not liable for those actions taken based on this article. 

For a better drone experience, you must have to learn all the laws and rules about drone use

Wouldn’t “How To Make A Drone Jammer?” be fun? But making your drone jammer is a lot easier than making your drone. Follow me and read on! Do you know what DIY stands for in the term DIY Drone Jammer? [DIY stands for Do It Yourself]

I’ll tell you about these things in this guide:

REMEMBER! Always make sure to use drones and other things that can directly interfere with your country’s laws and public privacy.



How To Make A Drone Jammer?

It only takes 15 minutes of easy work to make a drone. To do this, you only need a few simple tools, which you can easily find in any electrical store or, for added ease, online. 

You need an RF Transmitter (which sends signals), an RF Amplifier (which boosts those signals), an antenna (which sends the signals from the transmitter), and a battery pack. And the group of these things is known as a jammer. 

Smart Drones, Now is the time for the future of flying. I work with you to give you information about using drones and making them part of the sky. Follow the rules, find information, and use the right tools to stay safe when you fly, whether for fun or work.

Below is a video in which Brains933 describes the whole drone jammer-making process easily.

A Drone Jammer is a gadget that can mess up the Wi-Fi signal between the drone and its driver. If you are using a device to block a drone’s messages, this is what you should call it. The DIY Drone Jammer is made up of just these four easy parts.

  • RF Transmitter (sends messages)
  • RF amplifier (boosts the waves it creates)
  • Antenna (sends the information from the transmitter)
  • Battery Pack (make electricity)

What Is A Drone Jammer?

A drone jammer is just a device that picks up a signal, sends it to a receiver, creates a new signal, and then blocks the received signal by sending it a new signal through an antenna.

This is what a Drone Jammer does: it blocks signals from drones, which is why it’s called a Drone Jammer. It is set to a frequency that most drones use, so it can catch them off guard and stop them from working. 



Drones mostly use 433MHz, 900MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.8 GHz. These kinds of gadgets find, receive, and block drone messages.

Other Signal Jamming Devices, like cell phone jammers, Wi-Fi jammers, GPS jammers, GSM/3G jammers, and so on, all work the same way: they receive signals, figure out what they are, and then jam them. However, they all focus on different frequencies. 

DIY Drone Jammer

To successfully jam the drone, you should first know what bands it uses for signals. Most of the time, 433MHz, 900MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5.2 GHz, and 5.8 GHz are used by drones. So, pick the signal sender that has a specific frequency. 2.4 GHz is the frequency that most drones use, and we’ll look at how to stop the drone from using that frequency. 

[Get 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Antenna & Amplifier] >>> [Get 10,000 Power Supply minimum] >>> [Arrange a Solide Shell Protection Box] >>> [Intall the Jammer components into the case] >>> [Add an ON/OFF Control Switch]

In order to put together a drone jammer, you need to be able to connect wires by hand. But stay here and follow these easy steps. It will be easy to make a nice-looking drone jammer.

How To Make A Drone Jammer? Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Get a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi antenna.
  2. Get a 2.4GHz amplifier.
  3. Get a Power Supply Unit (PSU).
  4. Get a portable battery.
  5. Get a Pelican case and get ready. The Pelican Case to Put Parts Together
  6. Place all of the jammer’s parts inside the case.
  7. Add a control switch (on or off switch)

If you want to know more about drone systems, you need to know about drone frequency systems.

Purchase A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Antenna

The first thing we need to do is connect the 2.4GHz antenna to the same amplifier. The antenna and amplifier must work with the same frequency bands.

If you get both, go for it!



Purchase A 2.4GHz Amplifier

Now that you have 2.4GHz buy a 2.4GHz amplifier and carefully put it together by following the directions. Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs), High Electron Mobility transistors (HEMTs), and other technology-based amplifiers are just a few of the many amplifiers out there. On the other hand, an RF amplifier is what most people use, and that’s what we call it here.



Purchase Power Supply Unit(PSU)

You must buy a Power Supply Unit (PSU) for the jammer. It has a Wi-Fi booster, but you must buy one to assemble your own. Get a power supply cord, too, so you can link it. 


Purchase A Portable Battery

Now, buy a portable power pack with at least 10,000 mAh. Look for one that has USB ports. You can quickly find cheap drone batteries in shops near you or online



Purchase A Pelican Case

A Pelican Case is made to last and protect these kinds of jobs. This way, all of your jammer’s parts will fit together.

The parts you use to make a drone jammer will determine the exact size of your Pelican Box. But any size will do as long as your parts fit easily.



Making Everything Ready 

  • Make sure your case is clean.
  • Use a drill to make holes in it where you want to put your speakers.
  • Mark the points with a pencil before you drill, so your parts are lined up.
  • First, make holes for all of your coaxial connectors. Then, make holes in your power lines.
  • Arrange all the parts so that they fit together correctly. Then, put the battery in place only after ensuring it works. 
  • After putting all the pieces together, close the box and screw it shut.
  • Any switch will work to turn your jammer on and off.

How To Jam Drones? [DIY Drone Jammer Guide]

After setting up everything, it’s time to test your jammer. Make sure you have a drone in the range of your signal. Follow these simple steps to jam a drone:

  • Check to see that your jammer is working right.
  • Start up your drone blocker.
  • Now, look at how the drone in range acts. If your drone’s signal jammer works, it won’t be able to connect to the remote control signals where it’s being controlled so it may stay in one place or crash.
  • Its activity shouldn’t change if it keeps responding to its remote control signal. This means that your signal might need to be stronger. Or it’s possible that the drone is being operated on a different frequency; try a different frequency.


Now that you know what you must do to make a drone jammer, you should think that making your drone jammer is against the law unless you know the rules about using drone jammers in your area. Since each state has its own rules about drone jammers, there is no doubt that messing with radio waves through a drone jammer can be dangerous for both people and property. On top of that, it can mess up other radio messages that are needed for emergency services. 

Only use these gadgets when you have to, and think about what could go wrong before you do it. Before making your drone jammer, you must follow the rules.

Responsibilities Of Using A Drone Jammers

If you are determined to DYI Drone Jammer and successfully learn about a drone jammer, you must know your responsibilities regarding the safe use of drone jammers. Be a responsible drone user and handler and follow the FAA(Federal Aviation Administration) instructions about drones.

  • Only use the Drone jammer to stop drones from flying over your private or sensitive areas to spy on you illegally.
  • You and other people could get hurt if you mess with radio signals, so you should know what will happen if you use a drone jammer.
  • Remember that radio waves are used for emergency services, so blocking them could be bad for you.
  • Be careful when using drone jammers, and don’t hurt other people. Some countries don’t let people use drone jammers, so if you don’t know about it, think of it as breaking the law.

Conclusion (How To Make A Drone Jammer?)

Now you have a step-by-step guide about “How to make a drone jammer”. You now know everything you need to know about DIY Drone Jammer. The complete guide above covered all the necessary parts and how the process works. It stresses the job’s ease by saying that putting the gadget together should only take 15 minutes using standard tools and supplies. In this article, I described each part of the jammer and how it works to block Wi-Fi signals between a drone and its user.

Playing with citizens’ sensitive privacy information by using a drone is really dangerous because there exist different laws and rules of drone use in different countries in the United States.

I gave you clear steps for making a drone jammer. Before you start, read the critical disclaimer about the legal and moral issues that come up when using these devices. The author tells readers about possible dangers, such as interfering with emergency services and how important it is to follow the rules in your area.

The article’s tone is neutral, and the information is presented straightforwardly. If you still have a problem with any part of it, please feel free to leave a review, and we will take your feedback into account and try to make the changes you require.

Please read the part below that says “Frequently Asked Questions.” Still have questions? Don’t stress; just let me know in the comments.



FAQs (How To Make A Drone Jammer)

How Can I Protect My Drone From Being Jammed?

There are several ways to keep someone from jamming your done:

  • The connection between your drone and its remote can be encrypted. So that a drone jammer from a third party can’t find your drone
  • If you are worried about your drone getting jammed, you should always use a jammer on it. Drone jammers can help you keep your drone safe and let it fly without the other jammers getting in the way.
  • With today’s drones, anti-jammer technology can help protect your drone from jammers.

Can My Cell Phone Jammer Jam A Drone?


You can use your smartphone to keep the drones from getting to your info. As you may know, cell phone jammers are designed to block signals from cell phone signal towers. However, they can also block radio signals from other devices, like drones and Wi-Fi routers.

Is it illegal to use drone jammers?


“Interfering with the controls of an aircraft while in flight” is what it is. That is hijacking.  Moreover, the FAA further explains about the safe drone use.

How Do I Disable A Drone with Jammer?

An RF Jammer is an excellent way to stop a drone. They are trying to jam a drone so that it and its pilot can’t talk to each other. Learning about it will help you understand “How to Make A Drone Jammer” better.

What Are The Risks of Using a Drone Jammer?

Having completed the above drone Jammer guide and being determined to DIY a drone jammer (do it yourself), you must know how to ensure that drone jammers are used safely. For a better drone experience, you must have to learn all the laws and rules about drone use.

  • Use the drone jammer exclusively to prevent unauthorised surveillance drones from entering your private or sensitive space.
  • You and others are at risk when you experiment with radio signals; therefore, you should be fully informed of the repercussions of employing a drone jammer.
  • Radio signals are utilised for emergency services; therefore, it could be detrimental to your well-being if you interfere with them.
  • Be cautious with the drone jammers and avoid causing harm to others. Drone jammers are prohibited in some nations; therefore, if you are unaware of this, you are committing an illicit act.

How Do I Protect Myself From Drones?

To safeguard oneself from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), one must initially identify a drone and subsequently disrupt its radio communications and signal transmissions with its controller. An RF transmitter can silence a drone; you should know the do-it-yourself drone jammer.

Is it okay to shoot a drone out of the sky?

No, this does not qualify as a legal act; the drone in the sky could be a policeman employed by law enforcement for surveillance and search operations. Additionally, one cannot independently fire another drone. If you are concerned about privacy, you should consult with your local government about prohibiting such uncrewed aerial vehicles from operating in your vicinity. Furthermore, knowing “How To Make A Drone Jammer” enables one to block these drones.

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