How Much Does Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit? Switchblade Drone Cost in 2024


Switchblade Drone, Cost Per Unit” is probably the question of every drone hustler. Before going to Switchblade Drone pricing details, it’s better to understand what A Switchblade Drone is. But if you are in a hurry like me, you better jump to the pricing section in the table of contents. On average, fully-featured Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit varies from $70,000 to $120,000. But this cost is only sometimes exact; it depends upon the type of Switchblade Drone.

In 2021, the U.S. military invested $400 in AeroVironment Switchblade 600. With this amount, we can estimate governments’ investments in this technology. The U.S. military only invested in a few Switchblade drones for evaluation purposes because the cost per unit is not affordable.

According to the Financial Times, the official numbers and cost of buying and running a fleet of 16 US-made Protector pilotless planes has increased from £1.25bn in 2016 to £1.76bn.


What Are Switchblade Drones?

Switchblade Drones are called Kamikaze Drones OR Loitering Munition in modern warfare language for their highly groundbreaking innovative capabilities. These are capable of Surveillance along with precision strike proficiencies. Switchblade drones are different from the police drones used for regular surveillance.

Switchblade Drones are highly lightweight, tactically efficient drones designed explicitly for the United States Marine Corps. The name “Switchblade” came from its knife-like retrieving ability on an elastic strap or cord. 

They can fly at a height of 3,000 ft (915 meters) with a top speed of 20 mph (32kph) by the United States Marine Corps. 

The best practice is to learn about the drone laws for safe drone use.

How Much Does Switchblade Drone Cost

Switchblade Drone Cost is very high due to its unique features. Switchblade Drones are highly compact, have sharp edges and are lightweight in physics. This makes transportation and deployment accessible and provides more real-time data and visuals to military drone operators. 

Estimating the accurate price of Switchblade drones is tricky as the U.S. military does not disclose their prices as they are not publicly available. Switchblade Drone series comes in two models: Switchblade Drone 300 and Switchblade 600.

The estimated price of AeroVironment Switchblade 300 is around $300 to $6,000. This is the introductory price, excluding the other expenses for its deployment, specific mission expenditures, etc. The Cost of Switchblade Drone 600 still needs to be disclosed, which should be higher than Switchblade 300. 

The price of a fully functioned Switchblade Drone 300 is about $70,000, and the cost of a Switchblade Drone 600, which is larger and more potent, must be higher than $70,000.


How Much Does Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit?

The Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit is sometimes tricky because Switchblade Drone varies in price based on their model and the occasion they are being used. 

Switchblade Drones must carry some explosive payloads, so they should be designed considering the minimal damage during operations. They can also differentiate between combatants and non-combatants to ensure the safety of civilians.


How Much Does Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit?

For a better understanding of Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit, I have discussed the costs of some popular switchblade drones:

AeroVironment Switchblade 300

AeroVironment Switchblade 300 is a popular switchblade used by the U.S. Military. The Switchable Drone 300 per unit costs $70,000 – $120,000. It can fly at approximately 115 mph (~100 knots). The range of AeroVironment Switchblade 300 is ~10 km, with a flight time of 15 minutes.

The MechDesignTV describes the Switchblade 300 very clearly in their video below:

Switchblade Drone 600

Switchblade Drone 600 is larger and more potent than Switchblade 300. This military switchblade can fly for about 40 minutes and has a range of about 40 km. The cost of the Switchblade Drone 600 has yet to be disclosed, but it should be much more expensive than the Switchblade 300.
The AiTelly describes the Switchblade 300 very clearly in their video.



Israel Aerospace Industries(IAI) Harpy

Harpy, by Israel Aerospace Industries(IAI), is the most advanced Switchblade Drone introduced by the Israel Ministry Of Defense. It has a flight range of about ~100 km and a flight time of about 2 hours.

Model Cost Per Unit(Estimated) 
AeroVironment Switchblade 300  $70,000 – $120,000
Switchblade drone 600 Not disclosed yet
Israel Aerospace Industries(IAI) Harpy $70,000 – $150,000

How is Switchblade Drone Unique From Other Drones?

There are a lot of unique features that set them apart from the other standard drones. Switchblae Drones are the most unique innovation in modern warfare. Switchblade Drones’ Cost Per Unit is so high due to their unique capabilities as they are so small and handy and can be put into backpacks and carried anywhere by the soldiers without harming them. Furthermore, they can capture real-time video, enabling more reconnaissance surveillance assistance to the soldiers. They are exact in their mode of action. They can do a lot beyond the Surveillance as other drones do. Let’s dive into the modern world of switchblade drones:

  • First, miniature loitering munitions are lighter and more handy than other heavy drones.
  • Switchblade Drones come with First-Person-View(FPV) technology.
  • They can do everything others can do and be used as weapons.
  • Their RTH (Automatic return to Home) technology makes them safer. They are the most valuable weapons in modern electronic warfare as they are equipped with their warhead and detonate.
  • They are embraced with automatic landing capabilities if the battery is low, saving your Drone from crashing.
  • They are specialized in thermal cameras and LiDAR sensors.
  • They are highly intelligent weapon drones used by the military services.
  • They can be utilized most effectively in counterinsurgency operations (COIN).
  • They have exact targeting systems.
  • They can carry explosives payloads.
  • They are artificially intelligent and can differ between combatants and non-combants.

Before getting deep into the cost of Switchblade Drones Cost Per Unit, Switchblade Drones are uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) designed explicitly for combat assistance and have successfully proved themselves. According to estimations, around 20,000 units have been manufactured worldwide. Switchblade drones have been used since 2013 and are still used in warfare. Shortenly, Switchblade drones are high-tech modern warfare drone weapons in the world. The U.S. Military only purchased a small number of switchblades for evaluation purposes and hasn’t purchased any more since then.

Switchblade Drones the U.S is giving to Ukraine

Types of Switchblade Drones

Switchblade Drones are highly featured in most advanced tech inventions. Switchblade drones come in various sizes, configurations, specs and features based on the occasion they are being used. Considering the switchblade drone cost per unit, we have discussed the different types of drones to add to your knowledge.

Model Usage Benefits
Hobby/Consumer Drones Recreational Purposes Easy to handle
Fixed-Wing Drone Surveillance and Air Monitoring Long ranges | Extended Flight time
Quadcopter Drone Photography Advanced Controls
Military-Gare Defence and Search operations Target Tracking and Surveillance assistance

Fixed-Wing Switchblade Drones 

Such Switchblade Drones are designed with fixed wings lateral to their body.

  • Due to fixed wings, they are more stable during flight.
  • They cover more flight time than other Switchblade Drones.
  • They cover greater ranges than other switchblade drones.
  • The estimated fixed-wing switchblade drone cost per unit is approximately $58,063.

Quadcopter Switchblade drones

Quadcopter Switchblade Drones are supported with four rotors, making them more versatile and compatible. Some advantages are discussed below:

  • They are highly stable due to the four rotors
  • They are easy to launch and easy to land as well.
  • They are the best choice for aerial photography and videography in secret missions.
  • They are more versatile in many kinds of harsh environments.

Military Switchblade drones cost per unit

Military Switchblade Drones are more specifically designed for military uses with specific features:

  • Advanced Surveillance and payload options
  • Combats and non-combatant recognition features
  • Lethal and non-lethal options
  • Modernized tracking and spying functionalities

Consumer Switchblade Drones

These drones may be called user-friendly drones. They are easier to use than military drones. They are handy and cheaper than military switchblade drones.

  • Easy-to-use controller
  • Cheaper in price
  • Most useful for hobby drone photography and videography

Switchblade Drones Crucial For Battlefield

Switchblade Drones accomplish the requirements of the battlefield by providing advanced Surveillance and spying options to military operators. Due to their small size, they are perfectly fit for battlefields. Compared to other drones, switchblade drones can attack the enemy directly with guidance from the operators because they are capable of recognizing enemies as well.


Switchblade drones are highly featured and function as they are capable of flying in harsh conditions and taking sharp turns due to their sharp edges and high speed. Switchblade Drones can fly efficiently in all directions with accurate precision controls to the operators.

Switchblade Drones have accuracy in hitting the target as they are highly speeded, unguided drones.

Switchblade Drones Can Capture High-Resolution Real-Time Visual Content

Switchblade Drones can capture real-time footage with precise camera sensors. Switchblade Drones are so helpful for soldiers; by watching the real-time visual data, soldiers can decide whether to attack the enemy. 

Switchblade Drones are easy to launch from the ground by the soldiers, making them easier to use with minimum wastage of crucial time in warheads.


Furthermore, Switchblade Drones are small enough to be carried out anywhere by putting them in backpacks. If the soldier decides to attack the enemy, he has to take it out from the backpack and launch it into the air by hand and then all the duty is up to the Drone. The Drone can fly autonomously,d the target, and detonate it on impact.

Consumer Switchblade Drone VS Military Switchblade Drone

If you finally decide that you are going to buy a Switchblade Drone, then you must know the pricing parameters. 

Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit falls between $300 to $6,000 if it is a consumer-based Switchblade. 

The Military-Grade Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit starts from $70,000, and its maximum price is more than $120,000, depending upon its features and specs where they are being used.


Things to Know Before Buying A Switchblade Drone

Buying a Switchblade Drone is exciting for drone enthusiasts. Here are some things you should keep in mind before buying Switchblade Drone. First, the Cost of the Switchblade Drone, then you should find a reputable place nearby to purchase. Or you may have to find a trustworthy online store to shop for a Switchblade Drone. 

It may be harder to consider the necessary specifications of your switchblade drone before purchasing one. But be careful and patient in this manner; you should keep in mind the size and weight of the Drone as well as camera sensors, speed, power supply, flight time and range of the Drone.  

So, constantly research to ensure you make a suitable investment.

FAQs (Switchblade Drones Cost Per Unit)

What is the purpose of Switchblade Drones?

Switchblade Drone is highly efficient and can be used for multiple purposes. You may use it in photography and videography; military soldiers also use them, and switchblades are specifically made for military use.

If you are starting a business, there are no limitations to using and owning a certain number of switchblade drones. 

Can a Switchblade Drone fly in harsh weather?

Yes, Switchblade Drones are more efficient than other standard drones. They are highly efficient drones and can fly and work best even in storms and snowfall. Some extreme conditions may affect their working ability.

Why do Switchblade Drones have cameras?

Switchblade drones are the most expensive drones in today’s drone market. The Switchblade Drone Cost Per Unit may usually exceed $6,000. 

Switchblade drones use cameras for imaging and videomaking purposes. The cost of a switchblade drone camera starts from $1,000.

What is the battery life of Switchblade Drone?

The battery life of Switchblade Drones is approximately 15 minutes.

Can I use a Switchblade Drone?

Yes, you can use Switchblade Drone to capture your favourite landmarks.

You can use a switchblade drone to capture the whole world in your photo gallery. This is helpful for those people who don’t live in cities of skyscrapers and enjoy their sledges on their way.

You can use switchblade drones with many camera precision options to capture all the objects in a shot.

What is the working method of a Switchblade drone?

The Switchblade Drones are made accessible to use along with modern technicalities.

It comes with two arms with a camera fitted to each arm. It has four propellers, making it stable flight and accurate turns during the flight. The arms can be folded, making them more straightforward to carry in your backpack. 

The remote controller is so handy to use. The FPV (First-Person-View) feature gives the user a real-time visual experience.

How far a Switchblade Drone can fly?

The range of Switchblade Drone varies from model to model you purchased. The estimated range of switchblades is around about 10 miles or less.



Switchblade Drones are game changers on the battlefield with their powerful usage. The Switchblade Drone Price Per Unit depends on the model you use and the equipment you include.

The cost of a switchblade drone per unit can be estimated on average as $300 to $6,000, but it is much higher in military switchblade usage, ranging from $70,000 to $120,000.

By 2030, the Global Drone Market should be worth USD 260 billion, growing at a rate of 27% per year from 2022 to 2030. And the switchblade drones are making the US military spend more every day as the market gets more and more competitive.

Moreover, a switchblade has multiple functionalities such as Surveillance, research operations, and warfare usage as Surveillance and weapons, as they can carry explosive payloads. Also, they are so small, and they can be packed into your backpack and carried anywhere. 

Switchblades can provide real-time video capturing assistance, making soldiers easier and more accurate in reconnaissance without any hurdles or danger.