The Great Indian Kapil Show: Kapoor family arrived at the comedy show dancing, Kapil gave a grand welcome

The Great Indian Kapil Show

The Great Indian Kapil Show: Kapil Sharma’s ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ starts on Netflix today. The Kapoor family has arrived in its premiere episode. Neetu Singh is seen sharing interesting things with her two children Ranbir and Riddhima.

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The Great Indian Kapil Show

Kapil Sharma’s comedy show, ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show,’ has started on Netflix from March 30. The Kapoor family has reached its premiere show. Ranbir Kapoor has come to participate in Kapil Sharma’s show with his mother, Neetu Singh, and sister Riddhima. All the family members reached the stage dancing, each in their own style. Kapil Sharma also welcomed everyone warmly. Kapil was seen touching Neetu Singh’s feet in his show.

Ranbir used to beat Riddhima!

During the show, Kapil Sharma was seen talking interestingly to all the guests. During this, Ranbir Kapoor shared things related to his childhood. He revealed that he used to beat his sister Riddhima a lot in his childhood. Ranbir said, ‘It feels bad now, but I have hit it a lot in my childhood’. Neetu Singh also said, ‘Whenever I went out somewhere, I used to tell him, ‘You will not touch my daughter’. Ranbir said, ‘After the fight, she would say to her crying mother, ‘Mummy mara’.

The Great Indian Kapil Show
The Great Indian Kapil Show

Riddhima used to beat Ranbir’s friends.

Kapil asked Ranbir, in the film ‘Animal’, you were seen going to school for your sister and fighting with the older boys of the class. Have you ever fought for Riddhima in real life? On this, Riddhima spoke before Ranbir. He said, ‘No! I have fought. I was the heavyweight champion. I used to hit his friends. It was a single rib’. On this day, Ranbir said, ‘When we were young, WWF became very popular. Then that used to happen between us. I used to kill it.

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Ranbir Kapoor is very calm.

Everyone was seen remembering Rishi Kapoor in Kapil Sharma’s ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’. Neetu Singh praised the values of her two children – Ranbir and Riddhima and gave the credit for it to her late husband and actor Rishi Kapoor. In the show, Kapil asked Neetu Singh whether Ranbir is calm in real life like his character in the film ‘Barfi’ or like the character in ‘Enmil’? On this Neetu Singh said, ‘Can there be something below Barfi? It’s too quiet. It doesn’t matter. There was so much noise that the animal would be hit or what would happen. It didn’t make any difference to him.

Family rituals will take place in Raha.

Neetu Singh said, ‘Both my children are very cool. Riddhima is also very cool. To date, both of them would not have spoken loudly to anyone. My children have very good values, and Rishi Ji has given them these values. time value. Respecting people and respecting money. He was very strict and my kids watched and learned. I think the same values will prevail in Raha also. Neetu Singh further said, ‘When both of them were studying, Rishi ji gave them money as per their need. If they had to buy something separately, there was no scope. I used to give them separately.

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