A TV Remote Killed 27 Years old Guy! Read More…

TV Remote Killed 27 Years old Guy

Police Arrest Suspect Accused of Killing Roommate over TV Remote in Maryland, USA

TV Remote Killed 27 Years old Guy: According to reports from American media outlet Fox News, the police in Maryland arrested a suspect on Monday for allegedly killing his roommate over a TV remote. Richard Bennoch, a 38-year-old man, was accused of shooting and killing his 27-year-old roommate, Domonique Scott, on January 10. The incident was reportedly triggered by an argument over the TV remote.

TV Remote Killed 27 Years Old Guy!

Bennoch claimed, “I was saving my own life.” When the police arrived, he provided a detailed account of the events. He explained that he was sleeping on the sofa, and Domonique came in around 5:30 AM, creating noise that disrupted his sleep. Domonique asked about the TV remote, to which Richard initially responded that he didn’t know its whereabouts.

TV Remote Killed 27 Years old Guy
27-year-old, Domonique Scott

Upon repeated questioning, Richard decided not to respond and covered his head with a blanket to go back to sleep. A few minutes later, when he uncovered his head, he saw that Domonique had knives in both hands. Richard immediately got up, grabbed a handgun from his room, and started firing shots in self-defense. Domonique fell to the ground, and Richard, feeling scared, left the house briefly.

Upon returning, Richard found Domonique still on the ground, seemingly unharmed. He took drugs from a nearby store and went back to sleep. When he woke around noon, he found Domonique in the same position. Confused, he contacted friends, who advised him to inform the police. The police found knives on Domonique and bleach in the house, raising suspicions.

The investigation is ongoing, focusing on the peculiar delay in reporting the incident and attempts to clean up the crime scene. Richard has been taken into custody, and further examination is being conducted.


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