Why Ducky Bhai Sold his Dream Car? Pakistani Youtuber Ducky Bhai Need Money, WHY!?


Ducky Bhai Sold his Dream Car, the most car-loving Pakistani YouTuber has recently sold his dream car to his friend, Nadeem Naani Wala. Ducky Bhai bought his car (Audi Etron GT)after a struggle of 10 years on YouTube. But he just used his dream car for 2 months and sold it. What reasons are behind it and how much did he sell his dream car.  Who is the buyer of his dream car? And at what price did he sell his dream car? All information is available in this article.

“Ducky Bhai” is a famous Pakistani YouTuber. His real name is “SAAD UR REHMAN ZULIFQAR.” He started his YouTube career in 2010 as a gamer, but unfortunately, he wasn’t successful enough to get enough from that. Then he started a roasting channel where he roasts different TikTok and posts other funny videos. In 2022, Ducky Bhai switched his YouTube career to Daily Vlogging and till now he is an active daily vlogger on YouTube and earning a good income. Ducky Bhai has grown his subscribers on YouTube from 2.5 million to 6.47 million from daily vlogging. So daily vlogging is benefiting him more than long-researched funny content videos.ad

Let’s talk about the car purchasing recency of Ducky Bhai. Well! Ducky Bhai is the only YouTuber who is not interested in spending too much money on himself. He always buys clothes, shoes, and other necessary items in local stores. He never shows off that he is going to brands he is purchasing something from. But Ducky Bhai’s wife is too brand conscious, she always likes to shop from famous brands like Gul Ahmad, and Sana Safenaz.


On 9th January Ducky Bhai updated his Instagram that he is selling his dream car. Ducky Bhai’s audience is shocked to know about this news. If Ducky Bhai bought this car after a lot of struggle, why is he selling it? Is Ducky Bhai in need of money due to any reason?

But all are just rumors, Ducky Bhai is somewhere a careless person about his personal things, he thinks that he is not ready to care about this too expensive and fragile sports car, Audi etron gt. He always worried about the condition of his car. Ducky Bhai lives in Lahore. The roads in Lahore are not suitable for this expensive car so he does not like to drive this car too often. after Audi etron gt, Ducky Bhai bought Fortuner Legender to use it in his daily life.

Ducky Bhai uses Fortuner more than his electric car, the Audi Etron GT. She is remaining in his home’s garage alone. So, Ducky Bhai decides to sell it. But Now the question is who is the buyer of his car? and for how much did he sell his car?

Many people constantly ask Ducky to sell his car to them, but he always does what is better for him. Duckyt Bhai bought a car from Sunil Bhai, the owner of Pakwheels.com. He committed that if sometime he is about to sell his dream car then he will give first priority to Sunil Bhai. But Ducky Bhai Sold his car to Nadeem Naani Wala, why?

Nadeem Naani Wala also has good relations with Sunil Bhai, so he convinced him to buy Ducky’s car. Eventually, he offered him the same amount to buy Ducky’s car. Finally, Ducky Bhai sold his Dream Car with the same amount he bought from Sunil Bhai. The selling price of Ducky Bhai’s car was Rs. 5 Crore.

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