Garuda patrol surveillance drone

Garuda patrol surveillance drone: Garuda Aerospace unveiled its border patrol surveillance drone.

Garuda patrol surveillance drone: Drone manufacturer Garuda Aerospace, backed by Cricket legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni, launched a border patrol surveillance drone, Trishul, on Friday. The surveillance drone can be used to monitor people’s movement and natural calamities and assess traffic, among other things. See Also | How Far Can Military Drones Fly? [Latest Guide – 2024]…

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DRDO Closed Drone Biggest Project Tapas

DRDO Closed Drone Biggest Project Tapas: India’s biggest UAV project was worth Rs.1650 crore, why did the government suddenly stop it?

DRDO Closed Drone Biggest Project Tapas: Rs. 1650 Crore worth “Project Taspas“ was suddenly stopped by the government. The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is in charge of “Project Tapas”. It began in 2011 and cost Rs 1,650 crore at the start. On Sunday, top government leaders said that the project was now finally…

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Future of Commercial Drones in 2024 An Interview with ANRA Technologies’ CEO Amit Ganjoo

Future of Commercial Drones in 2024: An Interview with ANRA Technologies’ CEO Amit Ganjoo

Amit Ganjoo, CEO of ANRA Technologies, recently talked to interviewers and gave excellent advice about how the business drone industry is changing. As a company known for its innovations in Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and Enterprise operations solutions, ANRA Technologies shines a light on the significant trends, technological advances, governmental changes, and regional factors that…

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PrecisionHawk's Downfall: A Drone Industry Giant's Bankruptcy

PrecisionHawk’s Downfall: A Drone Industry Giant’s Bankruptcy

PrecisionHawk, once a major player in the modern drone industry, has reached the end of its flight. The PrecisionHawk Company, renowned for employing drones to gather agricultural data, officially filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in December 2023. This type of bankruptcy, unlike Chapter 11, signals the complete cessation of operations for PrecisionHawk. According to the most recent…

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Why We Use Drones For Insurance Inspections? Latest Guide-2024

Many Insurance companies are utilizing Drones for Insurance Inspections. In the building industry, a contractor knows very well that insurance inspections can be time-consuming and tedious. Due to human errors, there are more risks of collecting wrong data, but drones removed this limitation from the insurance inspections. Inspections for insurance claims can be done safely,…

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How Much Does Military Drone Cost? Jaw-dropping Drone Costs-2024

“How Much Does Military Drone Cost?” This question is becoming more prevalent as these unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) become more prevalent in law enforcement and military operations. The Cost of Military drones varies from model to model, depending upon their specific features. These technologically advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) provide unbelievable power and assistance to…

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