How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin? Latest Guide-2024

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won't Spin

“How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin?” is a more common question among beginner drone users. But fret not! I am here to solve all your drone propeller troubleshooting problems in this 5-minute reading article. This step-by-step guide contains all of the issues with drone propellers and quick fixes.

If you’re all set for a cool flying drone, but suddenly, one of the propellers isn’t working well – it’s not spinning right or not spinning at all. Frustrating. After all, a drone needs all four propellers working to soar through the skies. Ready to get it fixed and back in action? Let’s figure out “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin.”

If you’ve worked hard to unpack, set up the batteries, and connect the controls, it can be annoying to find that one of the props on your drone needs to be fixed. It can also be dangerous because if one or more blades fail in the air, the plane could crash. You’re in the right place if you are going through this or are going through it right now.

Why is My Drone Propeller Not Spinning?

Have you ever faced a frustrating situation where your drone propellers won’t spin? If your drone propellers are misbehaving—either not rotating properly or not powering up at all—don’t panic. Let’s explore some common reasons behind this issue and what you can do to get your drone back in the air.

One of the primary culprits for malfunctioning drone propellers is the obstruction of various materials. Ensure no debris or foreign objects are hindering the propellers’ movement.

Another frequent cause is battery problems. Check if your drone’s power source is in good condition. Sometimes, a depleted or faulty battery can be the root of propeller issues.

Issues with the propellers, motors, or the suspension of the drone can contribute to propeller malfunction. Inspect each component for damage or irregularities.

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won't Spin

Obstacles and Material Blockage

When dirt or other things get in the way, drone propellers don’t always work right. Make sure that the propellers can spin and that dirt or other items are not blocking them.

Battery Woes

Having trouble with the battery is another likely reason for the malfunctioning of your drone’s propellers. Check the power source for your drone to make sure it’s OK. Sometimes, the blades will only work right if the battery is high and ready for use.

Connection and Control Concerns

The propellers can also have problems if the propeller’s connections aren’t stable or if you need good control. Make sure that all of your connections are strong and that you can properly handle your drone. Making sure everything connects well is key to making your drone work well.

Gyroscope Installation Woes

If you put the gyroscope in the wrong way, your drone propellers might not work at all. To keep the propellers running well, make sure the gyroscope is in the right place. This helps your drone fly better when you check it.

Propeller, Motor, and Suspension Troubles

The propellers on your drone might not be working right if the motors, blades, or the way the drone is held up need to be fixed. Really look at every part to see if anything is broken or doesn’t seem right. By looking at each piece, you can figure out what’s wrong with the blades and fix it.

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won't Spin?

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin?

Dealing with “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin” can be a head-scratcher. After reading the below 5-minute step-by-step guide, you’re on the path to solving the problem and getting your drone back in the air. Soon, you’ll be able to enjoy your drone activities hassle-free! How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin? Follow these steps, and you’ll be soaring again in no time.

The most common reasons why a drone’s propellers might not spin right are debris getting in the way, problems with the battery, bad connections between the emitter and the drone, bad gyro initialization, or issues with the drone’s propellers, motors, or wires.

You should be able to fix the problem by the end and be able to fly your drone as soon as possible.

1.  Check Debris

Take a look around before you start with the tech stuff. Are there any things in the way of your propellers or the shafts they spin on? Small things like debris can get in the form of the propellers and can cause your drone propellers won’t spin. They may not be obvious at first, but they can be a pain. Most of the time, getting rid of them is easy and quick. Just make sure there are no small items in the way of your blades before you take off. Simple as that! The propeller on my drone won’t spin. How do I fix it? First, take a good look to make sure nothing is in the way.

2.  Verify the Batteries

Now, here’s an important thing to do if your drone’s propellers won’t spin: check the batteries. Make sure your batteries are fully charged before you do anything else. Sometimes, they don’t come fully charged, which can make your drone not work as well as it should. It might not be best if you use a bad wall outlet or a charger that isn’t very good.

The battery gives your drone the power it needs. That is, the power might need to be corrected for the propellers to spin the way they should. Think about not having enough power for all the little things inside your drone. That would be not good. You might see the lights blinking, which means there isn’t enough power to turn on the motors and spin the blades for takeoff.

Now, let’s talk about red flags for bad batteries. If your battery drains quickly or can’t get fully charged, that’s a sign of trouble. How old the battery is, how well it’s made, how you store it, and who made it all affect how long and how well it works. How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin? If you take care of those batteries, your motors will thank you by taking off smoothly.

3.  Transmitter Connectivity

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin? Get your sync game strong, check those remote batteries, and your propellers will be spinning like they’re on cloud nine!

Let’s talk about the puppet master, which is that trusty remote control. Something might need to be fixed if it doesn’t sync or if its batteries are acting up (especially if they’ve been used a lot). A weak remote that doesn’t have enough power will mess up sync and leave your propellers hanging. Easy fix? If you replace those old batteries with new ones, your remote will get at least 1.5 volts more power.

Your drone and radio control need to be in sync before you can fly it. Do exactly what the maker tells you to do, connect everything correctly, and make sure the connection dance is perfect. Why? Because those blades won’t move if the motors and the remote don’t work together. Getting in sync is key to a smooth flight.

4.  Assess Gyros Initialization

When the gyros are not set up correctly, they can change how the rotors spin, making some blades turn more slowly than others. It’s easy to make sure that your gyros are properly started. To re-initialize the gyros, you should put the drone on a flat surface and hold it still for a few seconds. You can do this with either the controller or the app for the remote control. For exact directions on how to do this with your drone, look in the user manual that came with it.

5.  Check the Propellers

When your drone’s propeller isn’t doing its spinning job, it’s time for some easy fixes. Let’s chat about “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin.” First, make sure that your drone and the remote handle work together. Follow the steps given by the maker to sync. If not, those blades won’t work together. As always, sync is the key to a smooth flight.

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin? Easy steps like syncing right and fresh batteries can get those propellers back in the spinning game!

How to Fix a Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin:

  • Sync Like a Pro: Follow the sync guide that comes with your device. It’s like making sure your dance steps are in time with the music.
  • To make sure everything is hooked up right, double-check the connections. For rotor spin to work, your control and drone need to be able to talk to each other well.
  • Feel free to use new batteries in your remote if the old ones are worn out. New batteries with at least 1.5V should work.
  • Retry Syncing: It may take more than one try to sync. Do not give up! If you do it again, your blades might start to spin.
  • Check the Batteries Often: Make it a habit to check the batteries in your remote. Keeping them clean makes sure that the motor motion and sync work well.

6.  Check The Wires

Let’s talk about “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin” when your drone decides to play stubborn. Wires, those tiny heroes inside your drone, can be delicate. Over time, crashes or tree entanglements can lead to disconnections or even tearing. Sometimes, you can see the torn wires outside, but sneaky internal ones may be damaged, too, hiding their issues.

How you fix this issue will depend on where the wire is broken, but you will have to replace it with a new one. Wiring that needs to be fixed can make your props spin in a way that causes a lot of trouble. To fix this, find the torn wire and repair it. Also, make sure that your wiring is always tight to keep it from getting worse.

7.  Check The Motors

When it comes to “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin,” understanding your drone’s motors is key. They’re like the propeller’s engine, and if they act up, your propellers won’t spin the way they should. But be gentle! Rough moves like tugging and yanking can harm the motor and won’t help you fix those propellers. 

Be gentle with your drone’s motors, carefully clear any mess, and use the trim function wisely. If things get tricky, check with your drone on how to reconnect the motors. Your blades will work again right away!

How To Clean A Drone Motor?

How To Test A Drone Propeller?

If you need to check if one blade is working as it should, don’t worry. You can test each one on its own. Here’s the lowdown on “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin.” To spin each blade, use a radio transmission. Writing down the speed is important before you change it. This tip can help you make your drone fly longer, go farther, and carry more. It’s not just for fixing rotors.

To test a drone blade, you will need a PDB, an electronic scale, frame arms, a motor, an ESC, and maybe even a motor. The motor is attached to the frame arms, which are then fixed to the scale. After that, the propeller is put in place, and the gadgets are linked to get a report.

How To Clean A Drone Motor?

The truth is that there is more than one way to finish the job. In the end, it depends on how dirty the motor is and what you have to clean it.

Taking the motor apart takes more time, but it lets you clean it completely. Isopropyl alcohol is used to clean things, and compressed air is great for getting rid of dirt.

You can clean a drone motor without taking it apart by running water over it. Setting the motor to spin it for a short time and then letting it sit will dry it. You could also take the motor apart and clean it with rubbing alcohol, compressed air, and a brush.

You can lubricate it with oil before carefully putting it back together again.

If you do use water, keep the mechanical parts away from any drops that might fall on them. When you’re done, use a cloth to dry the motor, making sure to focus on the bearings. Then, put the propeller back on.

Keep in mind that this is something you can do only sometimes. It’s fine to clean the motors unless something is clearly wrong.

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won't Spin

FAQs About “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin”

How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin?

How to Fix a Drone Propeller that Won’t Spin (Step-by-Step Guide):

  1. Check for Visible Obstructions or Debris.
  2. Check the Batteries. 
  3. Check Remote or Transmitter Connectivity. 
  4. Check the Gyros Initialization. 
  5. Check the Propellers and Propeller Shafts. 
  6. Check for External and Internal Damaged Wires. 
  7. Check the Motors’ Functions.

Why is my drone propeller not turning?

Drone blades often don’t work right because of things blocking them, issues with the battery, an unstable link or no control, incorrect installation of the gyroscope, and problems with the drone’s propellers, motors, and suspension.

How do drone propellers turn?

How do the blades on a drone turn? Drone props, which are also called rotors or blades, are turned by a complicated system that lets the pilot control the drone precisely and keep it stable in the air. The electric motors that power these blades spin them very fast to create lift and thrust.

What does R on propeller mean?

A rotor marked “Reverse” (R) should turn counterclockwise. Referring to a ship with blades on the front, A Normal (N) propeller should turn counterclockwise (CCW) when looking at the pilot from the front of an airplane. A rotor marked “Reverse” (R) should turn counterclockwise (CW).

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How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won't Spin


In order to understand and solve the common problem of “How To Fix A Drone Propeller That Won’t Spin,” we’ve looked at a number of situations that could cause a drone’s blades to act up. We’ve talked about everything, from possible barriers and battery problems to connection problems, gyroscope placement issues, and motor issues.

The step-by-step guide is meant to give drone fans, especially newbies, the skills they need to diagnose and fix problems with propellers quickly. Users can now fix drone problems in a planned way by remembering how important it is to check for debris, check the batteries, make sure the connections are stable, put the gyroscope correctly, and look over the motors and wires.

The guide doesn’t just list the problems; it also gives real-world answers for each one. Users are given steps they can follow to do things like clear out debris, charge the batteries, sync the remote control, initialize the gyros, check the blades, or review and fix the wires and motors.

In the end, the goal is to get those engines to spin smoothly so that flying a drone is safe and fun. By following these tips and learning about the intricate parts of drones, users will be able to quickly and easily diagnose and fix propeller problems, giving them the confidence to take to the skies.

Have fun flying!

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