[FIXED] How To Reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi? Latest Guide-2024

How-To Reset-DJI-Drone-Wi-Fi

These days, a lot of people search Google for “reset DJI drone Wi-Fi.” A technology called drones is becoming more and more popular because it makes taking pictures from different angles in the sky fun and easy. However, it would help if you made sure that your DJI drone was linked to Wi-Fi before you could fly it.

If your drone doesn’t show up on your phone or tablet, you may need to restart it for a number of reasons, such as a crash, a flyway, or a problem with the remote control. When a drone doesn’t work right, most people reset it to its default settings.

factory reset can fix a lot of problems, like power outages, drone range issues, gimbal calibration problems, and other calibration problems. Your drone might not be able to join the network or is having trouble staying connected. Resetting its Wi-Fi settings can often help. I’ll show you how to reset the Wi-Fi on your drone right now.

If you want to reset the drone, you might need the software that came with it. For other types, you can restart it without any software. How to fully restart a drone is different for each maker. To reset the drone, you may need the program made by the maker. In that case, you can reset the drone with any program that updates it. What kind of drone you have makes a difference.

Let’s talk about all the different ways you can return your drone to its original settings.

How-To Reset-DJI-Drone-Wi-Fi

How to Reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi?

Most of the time, a drone’s Wi-Fi won’t show up because of problems with its settings, software, or mobile device settings. Additionally, this problem can happen if you are already linked to a gadget and have yet to remove it. To reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi, follow the below simple steps in the 5-minute guide.

Step 01: Power Off Drone

The first and foremost step to reset DJI drone Wi-Fi is to turn off your DJI drone and the DJI drone controller. Make sure the drone is turned off before you start the reset process. You should also take off any other parts of the drone, like batteries, lenses, and so on, so that it doesn’t get damaged during the reset process.

Step 02: Reset Wi-Fi Settings

Open your Drone’s Wi-Fi settings. Usually, it appears on the drone itself or in the DJI drone app(any version you are using). Look for the option “Reset” and click to reset DJI drone Wi-Fi.

Step 03: Confirm Reset

You will be given a message box that asks you if you want to change the Wi-Fi setting. Press “Yes” next.

It would help if you turned on your drone and then waited a few moments for it to restart. Hold off until it has developed its full force. There will be a window pop-up that asks you to confirm that you want to restart the Wi-Fi network settings for the drone. When asked, choose “Yes” and click “OK.”

Step 04: Restart Drone

Please turn on your drone and wait a little while before you fly it. It’s like letting it wake up. Like when you turn on your computer and wait for it to start up, give it some time to get ready.

During this time, the drone can check all of its parts, from the motors to the camera, to make sure everything is working properly. You can start your drone adventure once everything is ready. Taking this short step will help your drone work well when it’s in the air.

Step 05: Restart Controller

Turn on your remote controller and wait for it to finish all of its initialization processes.

Step 06: Turn On Wi-Fi Direct Mode

Use the Wi-Fi direct mode in order to discover and establish a good connection with the drone. For this purpose, you will need to activate Wi-Fi Direct. Go to your drone controller’s settings menu and start the Wi-Fi Direct.

Step 07: Open the DJI App

Launch the DJI app on the mobile device you are using. It is necessary to launch it if it does not open automatically manually. Once you have linked your device and the drone, you can access the settings menu on your device. Look for a choice that says ‘Reset Wireless Network’ and click on it.

Step 08: Connect Your Device To the Drone

After activating Wi-Fi Direct on your drone, the next step is to connect your device, be it a smartphone or tablet, to the drone’s network. This is a crucial link that allows you to control and communicate with your drone seamlessly.

The manufacturer provides a specific password for this connection, and it’s important to note that each drone typically has its unique password.

Always double-check your drone’s manual or documentation to find the correct password, as using the wrong one can lead to connection issues. Once connected, you’ll be ready to enjoy the full functionality of your drone through your device, whether it’s capturing breathtaking aerial shots or navigating the skies with precision.

Step 09: Check Connection

Once you’ve connected your device to the drone’s network, it’s crucial to make sure that the connection is stable before taking your drone for a spin. This is where your drone’s app comes into play.

Open the app on your smartphone or tablet, and look for a DJI Drone Wi-Fi icon or any indicator that confirms a successful connection. If you see a strong Wi-Fi signal or a connection symbol, it’s a good sign that everything is in sync. However, if there’s any indication of a weak or lost connection, it’s wise to troubleshoot before flying further.

Step 10: Test Flight

Once you have finished all of the steps above, the reset process is complete. You should now have a fresh start and be able to connect your device to the drone’s network again using its new Wi-Fi details.

The last but not least step is “reset DJI drone Wi-Fi.” Before you take off, it is recommended that you carry out a brief test flight in a secure location to ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is reliable and that everything is functioning as it should.

How-To Reset-DJI-Drone-Wi-Fi

Why is DJI drone Wi-Fi not showing up?

When your drone’s Wi-Fi isn’t showing up, several factors could be at play. The issue might stem from problems with your drone’s Wi-Fi settings, glitches in the firmware, or even complications with your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings. The only solution to this problem with DJI drone is to “reset DJI drone Wi-Fi.

Additionally, if you’ve previously connected your drone to another device but forgot to disconnect it, this oversight can contribute to the problem. Given the various potential reasons for this issue, it’s helpful to delve into the specifics to identify what might be causing the hiccup in your scenario.

Understanding these root causes allows for a more targeted approach to troubleshooting.

Once we pinpoint the source, we can then explore solutions to address common issues affecting the connection between your drone and mobile device, such as detecting glitches. This step-by-step approach ensures a more effective resolution tailored to the unique circumstances surrounding your drone’s Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

Reason 01: Mobile’s Wi-Fi Settings

If your phone is also having trouble finding other devices, the Wi-Fi settings may be the cause. The main reason most people are having this problem is that their devices’ Wi-Fi settings are wrong. The Wi-Fi settings on your computer and drone must match for the Wi-Fi to work. If they don’t, the drone can’t connect.


To fix the phone’s Wi-Fi problems, follow the steps below:

  • Turn the Wi-Fi off and then ON 
  • Enable the wireless options
  • Reset your network settings
  • Update your DJI software

Reason 02: Drone’s Wi-Fi Settings

Because it can’t connect to two devices at once, the drone hides its Wi-Fi settings when another device is using it. If you recently joined the drone to another device and had trouble ending the connection, you might end up with a half-closed link. Still, the drone will hide its Wi-Fi settings so they won’t be seen.


If you’ve connected another device recently and your drone’s Wi-Fi settings aren’t showing up:

  • Reset the Wi-Fi settings on that device.
  • Even if you haven’t encountered issues before, consider resetting the Wi-Fi settings.
  • This action puts all Wi-Fi settings back to default.
  • It helps fix potential glitches in the drone’s Wi-Fi settings.

For DJI drone users:

  • Hold down the power button for 9 seconds.
  • Wait until you hear three beeps.
  • This process resets the drone’s Wi-Fi settings and can resolve connectivity issues.

Reason 03: Oudated Firmware Software

The brain behind your drone’s operations is its “drone firmware,” essentially the main program that makes everything tick.

If you haven’t tinkered with the drone’s software, but it’s not working as expected, there might be bugs or glitches in the firmware. The good news is you’ve got options to get things back on track.

One route is to update your drone’s software to the latest version. Think of it like giving your drone a software makeover – manufacturers regularly release updates to fix bugs and enhance performance.

On the other hand, if you’ve already done that and issues persist, you can try a firmware restart. It’s like hitting the reset button to give the firmware a fresh start. This two-pronged approach ensures that you’re not only keeping up with the latest improvements but also troubleshooting any hiccups that might be holding your drone back from soaring smoothly through the skies.


Ensure timely firmware updates for your drone.

  • Manufacturers release new firmware to address and fix bugs from previous versions.
  • Updating to the latest firmware is a proactive measure to prevent future issues.
  • It also serves to fix existing problems, offering a comprehensive solution.

Reason 04: DJI Drone Battery Issues

There may be a problem with the DJI Smart Battery if your drone’s Wi-Fi doesn’t show up. The Smart Battery is a key part that gives the drone power and helps it do its job. If there are problems or glitches with how the Smart Battery talks to the drone, it can affect how the Wi-Fi network connects and is seen.


  • To reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi, one solution is to fix the problem with the DJI Smart Battery and restart it, following these steps:
  • Ensure the drone is powered off and the remote controller is turned off as well.
  • Safely remove the Smart Battery from the drone.
  • Check the battery contacts and the drone’s battery compartment for any dirt, debris, or signs of damage. Clean if necessary.
  • Put the Smart Battery back into the drone securely, making sure it clicks into place.
  • Please turn on the drone and wait for it to power up completely.
  • Open the DJI app on your connected device and check if the drone’s Wi-Fi network is now visible.
  • If the Wi-Fi network is still not showing up, power off both the drone and the remote controller. Then, power them back on and check for the Wi-Fi network.

Reason 05: Drone Controller Issues

If you can’t connect to Wi-Fi with your DJI drone, it might be because of a problem with the remote. The controller is an important part of connecting the drone to your phone and keeping the connection going.


  • Ensure that the controller has sufficient battery power. Low battery levels can impact its performance and the stability of the connection. Charge the controller if needed.
  • It would help if you disconnected your phone and then restored it to the drone’s Wi-Fi network.
  •  Sometimes, refreshing the connection can resolve issues.
  • Check the controller-to-mobile device cords. Make sure they’re safely plugged in. Check the controller and device ports for debris.
  • If the Wi-Fi network is still missing, restart your phone. This fixes transient device connection difficulties.

How-To Reset-DJI-Drone-Wi-Fi

7 Tips for Drone Wi-Fi Maintenance

By following the simple tips below, you not only maintain a robust drone’s Wi-Fi network connection but also have the option to perform a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi to address persistent issues and start with a clean slate.

Ensure the Latest Firmware for Optimal Performance:

Regularly update your drone’s firmware to its latest version to ensure it operates at its best. These updates not only enhance performance but also address potential security vulnerabilities, reducing the chances of encountering connection issues with your drone’s Wi-Fi network. If problems persist, consider performing a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check for Interference and Distance:

Keep an eye out for interference from other Wi-Fi networks or electronic devices that could impact your drone’s Wi-Fi network. If interference is detected, try increasing the distance between your drone and the disruptive device or network to maintain a stable connection. In case of persistent connection problems, a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi may help resolve issues.

Regularly Change Wi-Fi Passwords for Security:

Boost the security of your drone’s Wi-Fi network by changing its password regularly. Using a unique and complex password adds an extra layer of protection, preventing unauthorized access. Periodic password changes contribute to overall network security. Additionally, if security concerns arise, consider performing a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi and updating the password.

Ensure the Security of the Wireless Network:

Prioritize connecting your drone to a secure wireless network to safeguard against potential data breaches or intrusions. Opt for networks with encryption and employ a strong, unique password. This not only protects your drone but also ensures a secure environment for your drone’s Wi-Fi network. If security issues persist, consider performing a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi to start afresh.

Keep Connected Devices Updated:

Maintain the performance of your drone’s Wi-Fi network by keeping the device you use for connection up to date. An outdated device may lead to connectivity issues and compromise the overall performance of your drone.

Regularly updating your device ensures a smooth and reliable connection. If problems persist, a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi might be a step toward resolving any persistent connection glitches.

Monitor Battery Health:

Keep an eye on your drone’s battery health, as the drone battery can influence the drone’s Wi-Fi performance. A well-maintained and charged battery contributes to a more stable and reliable connection.

Perform Range and Signal Tests:

Periodically conduct range and signal tests to ensure your drone can communicate effectively with the controller. This helps find any problems that might happen before they affect the Wi-Fi network on your drone while it’s in the air. If signal problems persist, consider performing a reset DJI drone Wi-Fi as part of troubleshooting.

How-To Reset-DJI-Drone-Wi-Fi

FAQs About “Reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi”

How Do I reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi?

  • Reset the Drone 
  • Enable Wi-Fi Direct Mode
  • Connect Device to Drone
  • Confirm Wi-Fi Reset
  • Finish Resetting
  • Test Flight

How can I reset a drone on a mobile?

  • To reset a drone on the phone, open the app that came with your drone, go to the settings or configuration section, and find the option to reset or use the default settings.
  • If you still want to go ahead with the reset, confirm your choice and follow any on-screen instructions that may appear. Then, turn off and restart the drone to make the changes take effect.
  • To get exact instructions for your drone model and app, you should read the user manual or other documentation that came with it.

The steps may be different. Remember that resetting a mobile app usually changes the settings that are controlled by the app. For bigger problems, you may need to do more troubleshooting or contact the drone manufacturer’s support.

Why Is My Drone Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Before going on a drone flight, it’s vital to check the battery level, as low energy can result in Wi-Fi signal and control problems, impacting the overall performance of your drone. To ensure a smooth flying experience, make sure to charge the drone’s batteries for at least an hour prior to use.

Well-charged batteries not only improve the stability of the Wi-Fi signal but also add more responsive control. Should you experience persistent connectivity problems, even after a full charge, try performing a “reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi.” This step is effective in handling possible software glitches or connection hiccups, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable drone experience.

For specific directions on how to reset the Wi-Fi based on your DJI drone model, always turn to the drone’s manual.

How to reset DJI Mini 2 to factory settings?

It’s important to know that a factory reset will delete all of your saved settings, like Wi-Fi passwords and camera settings. You should only do a factory reset if you have to, and you should make sure you back up any important data or settings first. Also, look at the user manual that came with your DJI Mini 2 for specific instructions and information about that model.

Resetting your DJI Mini 2 to factory settings is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:

  • Confirm that your DJI Mini 2 has sufficient battery level to complete the reset process.
  • Power on your DJI Mini 2 and connect it to the DJI Fly app on your mobile device.
  • Within the DJI Fly app, go to the main menu and select the three dots in the top-right corner to access the aircraft settings.
  • Navigate to the “Advanced Settings” section within the aircraft settings menu.
  • Look for the option labeled “Factory Reset” or “Reset to Factory Defaults.” This option is usually found in the advanced settings and is designed to restore your drone to its original factory configuration.
  • If asked, make sure you still want to do the full reset. Keep in mind that this will delete all of your unique settings and set the drone back to its original state.
  • Follow all on-screen instructions that may appear to complete the reset process.
  • After the factory reset is complete, power off your DJI Mini 2 and then power it back on. This ensures that the reset takes effect.

How do I reset my DJI RC Wi-Fi?

To reset the Wi-Fi settings on your DJI remote controller (RC), follow these steps:

  • Ensure that the remote controller is turned off before proceeding.
  • Look for a small reset button on the remote controller. It is often found in a small hole or crevice.
  • Gently press the reset button using a paperclip or a pin. Hold it down for a few seconds.
  • Turn on the remote controller. The Wi-Fi settings have now been reset to their default configurations.
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on a mobile device and reconnect to the Wi-Fi network broadcasted by the remote controller. The network name is usually associated with the DJI model.
  • If you are using the remote controller to connect to a DJI drone, follow the usual procedures to establish a connection between the remote controller and the drone.

How-To Reset-DJI-Drone-Wi-Fi

Conclusion (Reset DJI Drone Wi-Fi)

To sum it up, drones are becoming super popular, and lots of folks are searching for “reset DJI drone Wi-Fi” on Google. Drones are awesome for capturing cool aerial shots, but having a good Wi-Fi connection is key for a smooth flying experience. If your drone isn’t showing up on your device, doing a Wi-Fi reset can often fix things. The guide we’ve covered here breaks it down step by step, highlighting the importance of keeping your drone’s firmware updated, checking for interference, changing Wi-Fi passwords regularly, and making sure your devices are up to date.

We’ve also explained why your DJI drone’s Wi-Fi might act up, like issues with mobile or drone settings, outdated firmware, Smart Battery glitches, or problems with the controller. The detailed instructions for resetting DJI drone Wi-Fi, especially for the DJI Mini 2, along with tips to maintain a stable drone Wi-Fi network, make this guide your go-to resource. We’ve wrapped it up with some FAQs, answering questions like why your drone might not connect to Wi-Fi and how to factory reset the DJI Mini 2. Whether you’re new to drones or a seasoned pro, this guide is here to help you troubleshoot and keep your drone performing at its best. Happy flying!

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